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Do I need to register and login to play?

No. You will be asked to enter your email address at the end of the trivia so that you can receive your treasure.

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Do I need to pay to play?

No. This is a free trivia game in the form of a treasure hunt to sponsor your school. The sponsors donate to the school and and they donate the treasure you win. The participation in this game is free.

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Can I play the game more than once?

Yes. You can play the game more than once but your family will only get the treasure win once.

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Do I need to be connected to the school listed to play?

No. You are free to play this trivia whether you are affiliated to any of the listed schools or not. However, you will need to contact us directly to claim your prize if you are not affiliated to a listed school.

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Can my child play this trivia?

Yes. Although the questions are not directly designed for children, they are crafted to be safe and educational.

However, we do encourage the participation and/or supervision of an adult.

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Privacy Policies
Will my child's name be used in any document?

No. Every player participating is totally anonymous.

We do not collect names of the participants - the PTA of the school distributes the prizes according to the email provided.

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