This is prime direct and efficient advertising.

The micro campaigns cover approximately 10,000 families attached to their local PK, elementary, middle, and high school cluster.

We bring parents and grandparents to your website and to your location.

We work with schools who truly need of few of your dimes.

We have designed a trivia that lists questions about your business.

Parents are invited by their school and PTA to play our trivia and claim their gift card.

The juniors and seniors help us craft the questions as part of their community service.

Our direct marketing approach is progressive - securing a healthy bond between the consumers (the families) with the vendors in the community while offering the student an opportunity to experience hands-on the satisfaction of volunteering and bringing funds to their schools.

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every participating family receives a generous gift card - offered by one of our sponsors - at the end of the game... right into their inbox!

... we engage with the juniors and seniors of our target high schools to participate and complete their community service requirement by helping us in the crafting of the trivia for their school, and the broadcasting of the game announcements.

Their satisfaction is at the highest when they are the ones who present the donation check to their principal and/or their PTA.

It often turns into an award ceremony where all the sponsors are re-advertised!

... they often look forward to that little extra donation to book one more bus for a field trip, to buy new hoops, to invite an iconic speaker, to participate in an out-of-state competition, or to offer the science students a little extra in terms of material.

... each school cluster counts up to 12,000 families from PK to 12th grade over their respective community.

When these parents play the Fund Our Schools trivia and begin to hit your website, this gives your business a new look in the eyes of Google and other search engines: your business gets indexed as an authority website and is given the preferential place on the top of the 1st result page for the target geographic area.

This boosts your SEO results!

  • Can I speak to a representative of Fund Our Schools?

    Sure! Please call us between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST at 1-240-499-8886 to reach a volunteer coordinator, a school liaison person or an account manager.

    Alternatively, feel free to buzz us on the chat app (bottom-right of the screen).

  • Is Fund Our Schools a registered Not-for-Profit organization?

    Fund Our Schools is indeed a Not-For-Profit organization registered under EIN 82-1794099.

  • Can we target our audience per geographic area?

    Sure! We offer 3 geographic coverage levels through our online registration: local, regional and statewide.
    For each target area you select, we give you the list of schools and their size in terms of population per zip code.
    You are also able to focus your campaign on families of very young children as well as teens, since we cover schools from PK to 12th grade.

    An estimate for a nationwide campaign is also available upon request.

  • How can we verify the benefit of our campaign?

    Once you have run a campaign for about 6 weeks, you will be able to see the trend on your website analytics.
    The origin of the hits registered will be directly coming from Fund Our Schools trivia app.

  • Can we have the contact details of the trivia players?

    Sorry. The privacy of the participants - school families - is kept fully private and confidential.
    The participants do not at any time need to register or login to play our free trivia; they play the game - most of the time on their phone... once the trivia completed, they enter an email address to which we can send their e-gift-card.

  • Who crafts the question for our business on the trivia app?

    If you have a question in mind, please feel free to submit it.
    Alternatively, we submit a couple of question sample to you in accordance with the content of your website.
    A typical 1st question could be "What year did 'name of your company' get established in your town?"

  • What is the process to invite the parents to play this trivia?

    The participating schools and their PTA (Parents & Teachers Associations) invite the parents to play the fundraiser game - the trivia - and claim their gift card to support their school.
    The schools collect their respective donation once 60% of the families have claimed their gift card.

  • Can we add to the question on our trivia spot?

    Absolutely! You can insert a coupon, a testimonial, a small gallery of photos, an announcement, a VIP invitation, a supplemental gift card, etc. The only items we cannot host on your trivia spot are videos, forms, and any item that would weigh more than 8MB.